Oct 6, 2022 | bb

Coil Slitting: What Is It?

by Shivin Gupta

By passing the material through a set of rotary slitting knives, a wider master coil is slit (cut) into a
number of thinner coils in the process known as coil slitting. A mult refers to each smaller coil. Mults
can be made to your precise width and/or weight requirements and packed appropriately.

The uncoiler, slitter arbors/rotary knives, and a recoiler are the three major components of a slitter.

Uncoiler: At the machine’s entrance, the master coil is loaded onto the uncoiler. The uncoiler then
grabs the master coil by its interior diameter using an expanding mandrel. The coil’s head is
threaded into the machine’s edge guides as it rotates off the mandrel.

Slitter: The material is fed into the slitter head’s two parallel arbors lengthwise. A specialized set of
rotary-slitting knives and rubber stripping rings are used to attach these parallel arbors. While the
knives pierce the steel, causing the material to break or fracture, rubber rings to aid in pulling the
material through the slitter arbors.

The setting is crucial for a successful precision coil slitting process. The best slit edges are
guaranteed with Maxwell Rotary Slitter knives.

Recoiler: The main function of the recoiler is to coil the slit coils back into a coil form for shipping
and packaging.

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