Rotary Slitter Knives

Circular knives, also called round knives & Rotary Slitter Knives are characterized by their mostly circular shape with corresponding diameter Ø. Their cutting geometries are either flat, slotted or toothed cutting edge. The cutting motion is mostly rotating or stationary. They are used in all sectors of cutting, shredding, scraping, punching, sectioning, perforating, severing, skimming and finishing.

  • Available in D2,D3,HSS,H11,H13
  • Used for Slitting & trimming mild steel,CRGO,CRNGO,Stainless Steel,Aluminium,Brass & Copper
  • Sharp,uniform shearing edge after regrinding.
  • High productivity & low downtime.
  • Thickness tolerance 0.0015mm ; Flatness tolerance 0.001mm (depends on OD & thickness)
  • Lapping for finish upto 0.2 Ra
  • Manufacture upto 600mm OD
  • Optimum hardness for wear resistance
  • Cutting capacity range: 0.1mm to 24mm thick strip
  • Surface finish: ground, lapped and polished.